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The name "Axolotal" is inspired by an aquatic amphibian called "Axolotl." The unique thing about Axolotl is that it has the ability to regenerate its major body parts, including the brain, in case of any damage and to remain young. The superpower of this fragile animal makes it unique in the animal kingdom and allows it to survive in the toughest conditions. This fantastic creature's abilities have inspired us so much that we named our e-learning platform Axolotals. Simply put, maintaining and advancing in a given profession requires a never-ending dedication to professional development in the form of the acquisition of new and better skills, knowledge, and information while keeping the previous skills that are required now and continuously adding the newer ones to remain young and perform well in the profession.

We at Axolotals are committed to providing quality learning to anyone who wants to learn and build a career with changing market dynamics. Part of the process is figuring out why training is needed, making custom content, delivering it (online or in person), measuring how well it worked, and keeping the learner interested. 


Learn to build your career brand and become an attractive prospect to recruiters and hiring managers by learning and exploring a new dimension in your career path. 

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Axolotals Training Method


Empower yourself with Anytime, anywhere online learning. Our advance, hi-tech and super speed content loading help in hassle free learning.


Learning becomes interactive with our varied learning methods such as videos, documents, presentations, pdfs and above all support from mentors frequently.

Industry Focused

With a thorough understanding of the industry, we rely on coaching and training which are up to date catering the needs and norms of the industry.


With chats available for live events and forums in place engagement between learners is highly thought off.

Expert Guidance 

With industry experts and business professionals in the forum, we are sure to provide quality training with years of experience.


By the end of the course, if required student will be provided with a certificate which then can be used to enhance the resume of the learned.


We offer professional courses and training that are aimed at preparing the learner to be "self-reliant and competent" and be self-sufficient to win the battle in the job market. Courses are supported by periodic live sessions, which help every learner to get answers to queries and questions, as well as online access to the community. Our goal is to create self-empowered professionals who can explore opportunities to the best of their capabilities. We also provide HR solutions to organizations, like setting-up HR systems and processes, performance management programs, and other customised solutions.

Brand yourself like a pro and move forward to be hired for
 your dream job or promotion

Choose a job where your skills are valued. You are adequately compensated. Become a star by learning strategic actions and learning how to build your brand and getting your dream job or promotion, which will help your career boost.

You will also find out how to leverage LinkedIn to transform yourself into an irresistible applicant. Master the cutting-edge methods using the "LEADS" system and you'll be a "Magnet Candidate" in no time. Designed to help you build your brand and land your dream job, this programme is jam-packed with exercises and backed up by resources.

Other interventions

One to One Session

One to one coaching is aimed to make an individual more effective in his / her career. This helps individuals to understand more about their working style, strength, shortcomings and time bound action plan to be more effective at workplace resulting in career growth, we conduct -

Psychometric Assessment

DISC Analysis

Competency Mapping 

HR Intervention with / for Organizations

We support the organizations with our multiple solutions in HR Management, We work closely in setting up customised HR system & processes, performance management programme, Manpower productivity improvement trainings and other such training interventions. 

Setting up HR vertical with system & processes

Performance management programme

Manpower retention training and solutions


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